AC Joint Injuries - A Patient's Guide

Auckland shoulder surgeon Adam Durrant talks you through AC joint injuries and what you can expect in the coming months. The video below explains why your shoulder pain may be more than just a simple sprain and when you should see a specialist.

Mr Durrant also covers diagnosis, your surgical options and guides you through rehab, your return to work and when you can resume normal daily activites again.

In the video:

0.44 – What is an AC Joint injury?
1.23 – The most common cause
1.58 – How an AC injury differs from shoulder separations
2.30 – What activities are responsible for traumatic injuries?
3.18 – Reasons AC joint injuries are often misdiagnosed
3.56 – When you should see a doctor?
4.17 – How your injury is diagnosed
5.16 – Will it heal without surgery?
6.18 – Surgery and what you need to know
7.19 – The pros and cons of artificial ligaments
8.06 – How different surgical procedures effect your rehab
8.24 – What you can expect 24-48 hours following surgery
8.58 – Returning to work
9.38 – Can arthritis become a problem?
9.56 – Who is more at risk of surgery failing?

If you are experiencing any of the pain or symptoms discussed in this video please contact Mr Durrants rooms on (09) 523 2765 for more information. If you are in severe pain or your shoulder appears to be disfigured as a result of a traumatic injury please seek immediate medical attention from your nearest accident and emergency clinic or hospital.