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My name is Adam Durrant, I am a leading Auckland shoulder surgeon offering both surgical and non surgical treatments for all shoulder conditions, as well as elbow and hand injuries. I understand how painful and limiting hand and upper limb injuries are when trying to do even the simplest tasks.

Our website is designed, for you, to be easily navigated so you have easy access to a range of comprehensive information about conditions and procedures. You will be able to investigate and understand your specific condition or injury.

My clinic is based at the Ascot Office Park, Remuera. Please take a moment to view the videos on our Contact Us page on how to locate our rooms. You can contact my rooms 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday on (09) 523 2765. We also run a late night clinic every Thursday until 7pm.

If you wish to learn more about me please visit the about me page, or ring through to make an appointment.

I look forward to meeting you.

Adam Durrant

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is one of the most complex joints in the body, offering more range of movement than any other joint. If your shoulder is injured, day to day activities become very difficult; brushing your hair, dressing in the morning, hanging out the washing. The pain can be so debilitating that it prevents you playing sports, going fishing, getting groceries out of the trolley and sleeping. A shoulder injury can result from an accident or a pre-existing medical condition; these injuries can leave the shoulder severely weakened, in unbearable pain or completely incapacitated.

Mr Durrant is an expert in the field of shoulder injuries in both the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions and disorders that can affect the shoulder. He and his team implement the latest techniques in diagnosis, including careful physical examinations and high-field strength MRI scans, to help insure they make the correct diagnosis.

Surgery will not be necessary for all shoulder problems; Mr Durrant will assess the injury and may suggest rest and/or physical therapy. In the end, if shoulder surgery is required you can be assured of Mr Durrant’s experience and wealth of knowledge to ensure you have the best possible and least invasive treatment available.

Elbow Injuries

Your elbow is one of your more complex joints, it is essential for much of day to day life. Formed by the upper arm (the Humerus), the forearm (the Radius and Ulna), the elbow has an intricate system of ligaments and muscles, which connect the bones. Injuries to the elbow are very common and often related to degenerative conditions such as arthritis or sporting and play ground injuries, and are very painful.

Mr Durrant specialised in arthroscopic surgery, a procedure that reduces the likelihood of complications from surgery. He offers several arthroscopic elbow surgery options for elbow conditions such as tennis elbow, elbow arthritis, tricep and bicep tendon injuries, and ligament tears in throwers.

Hand and Wrist Injuries

The hand is made up of 27 bones, so with the joints, ligaments and muscles it is no surprise that hand and wrist injuries are both quite common and extremely painful. Osteoarthritis is also very common in the hand and wrist, a condition that Mr Durrant has a wealth of experience in diagnosing and treating, using both surgical and non surgical methods.

Another common complaint in the hand is carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include numbness, tingling, and weakness in the thumb, first and second finger, and part of the ring finger, as well as part of the palm of the hand. Mr Durrant specialises in both surgical and non surgical treatments for carpal tunnel. A carpal tunnel release procedure is one of Mr Durrants most common operations performed.

What our patients say about us

"I just thought I’d drop you an email letting you know how I am going. It’s almost a year since my injury and 10 months since my surgery. Last weekend I completed a Half Ironman, so that’s a huge milestone for me. The 2km swim went really well and I’m swimming as fast as I was before my injury. Pretty exciting! I wanted to say a huge thanks for fixing me, and based on my current swimming performance it appears that I’m good as new. It was a long road, and a lot of Physio, but all worth it!"
"He was excellent Very professional I had this same OP 29 years ago Overall experience much better."
"A quick word to say thanks very much for the shoulder operation, 1 month today and going well. I know you guys have a huge workload and power these out, no pressure! Post-op meds including the pump for first few days meant I was spared serious pain, and I can feel things settling down now, still taking it easy of course – love the photo of all the ropes n’ lashings before you stitched back up. I consider myself very lucky to have been at the hands of top practitioners. Thanks all and see you in a couple of weeks for my check up Adam."
"Hi Hilary, Bruce called me this morning and he couldn’t speak highly enough about his meeting with Adam yesterday. He said he smiled all the way home. He felt well informed, listened to and said Adam was so upbeat – it was so refreshing for him. Please pass this on to Adam. I really believe that the meeting they had yesterday has put Bruce in a better position in terms of his pain, so that’s amazing."
He Couldn’t Speak Highly Enough
"A note of appreciation for the care taken on my arm by both yourself and the anesthetist. Can you please relay my thanks."
"Just wanted to say a big thank you for your work on my shoulder. Sixteen weeks post op now and under the guidance of my physio I have been doing gradual strengthening for the last 4. I have also been getting into the sea most days and after starting with 2 strokes freestyle eased up to 6 sets of 10 strokes a week ago, and today ventured to the pool for the first time, getting about 15 lengths of freestyle in over 40 lengths. It feels fantastic to be able to swim again. Thanks again"
"Just wanted to send you out a quick email regarding my recovery. Just for a refresher I was the weightlifter who had the labrum surgery in August before returning to the States. It’s been 24 weeks and I am over the moon with the results. It has healed very quickly and my shoulder feels almost brand new! My strength is completely back and my mobility is 95% of the way there. Still trying to work for those last couples of degrees of overhead flexion and external rotation but I’m sure it will come with time. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help especially with ACC and scheduling the surgery with only a week left of me being in the country! It has really given me 100% confidence that I can achieve my goal of making the Commonwealth Games team in 2018. I feel as though I’m only months away from lifting similar weights to what I was when I was fully healthy. Once again, thank you and hope to see you once I get back in the country over winter."
"I had been suffering immense pain and discomfort in my right shoulder after an injury at the gym and consulted 2 doctors before visiting Dr Adam Durrant. He is young and very well trained, up to date with new techniques. Dr Durrant is a very talented, a brilliant surgeon and a great mind. I was very sceptical about the surgical procedure and took almost 3 months before deciding to go ahead. He explained everything very nicely helping me make up my mind. I am extremely happy with Dr Adam Durrant’s work. My arm and shoulder are completely healed. I have recommended Dr Durrant to my friends and relatives."
"When I saw you last week for a check up re my shoulder surgery, I said to you that my experience with your clinic had been a real pleasure. The staff on the phone, take message takers, helping people like me that are new to this surgery. They all represent a total package that work behind the scene. "Your scene". The same goes for Rob at Kinetics, he needs to have confidence to recommend someone like you and your staff for the required job, and know that his patient is happy with the total package / outcome. His patient is me and I am very happy with the entire experience with the Durrant Team..."
"Just wanted to send through a note to thank you so much for doing the successful surgery on my shoulder, if it wasn’t for you I would still be in immense pain and have an arm that was virtually useless. I have worked extremely hard in getting back the use of my arm but at the end of the day if it wasn’t for you my life would be very different. I am also EXTREMELY pleased to say that I can now put my arm up my back and believe me that is a very BIG deal to me!!! The kind of profession you do changes peoples’ lives and for that I am truly grateful."
"Just wanted to say thanks for helping me with my troublesome shoulder! I would highly recommend you to anyone."